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“My wife and I dreamed of building a dental practice that was passionately patient-focused. A place that offered superior dental care in a comfortable and compassionate atmosphere. And, thankfully that’s what we’ve been able to do.”

Dr. Michael Bailey

Sweet Home Colorado

Although he was born in Indiana and spent his childhood in northern Illinois, Dr. Bailey absolutely loves living and serving in Colorado. He is a very fun-loving, athletic, hard-working guy who doesn’t want anyone in the Midwest to know how great it is to live out here in the home of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Superior Dental Dr. Bailey


Dr. Bailey earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago after completing his Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. (He remains an avid Wisconsin Badger fan!)

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Superior Dental Dr. Bailey


Dr. Bailey’s approach to dentistry is driven by a genuine concern for his patients, believing everyone deserves a remarkable smile to share with the world. As an award-winning clinician, he is a perfectionist and loves nothing more than a happy patient with a beautiful smile. His heart for people and the community find him volunteering regularly for Dental Aid, the first not-for-profit pediatric dental clinic in the U.S., and the primary Medicaid provider in Boulder County for children.


He met his wife, Stacie in 1999, and they married in 2003. Their son, Aidan was born in 2006. Aidan shares space, food, attention, and treats with Ozzy the Weimereiner and Indy the Golden. (Unfortunately our sweet four-legged family members, Birk, Ibis and Koda have left us). The family loves the outdoors – hiking, biking, skiing, swimming.


As an aficionado of cars, especially old ones, Dr. Bailey always has a “project car.” He loves to browse local and regional car shows to get new ideas and show his appreciation for the hard work of others.

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